On Thanksgiving Day

I am thankful for the smaller rocks that shape my bigger path

for the supports that hold up that bridge I must cross

for the hand that raised itself to help me even as another beat her to it

I am thankful for the hidden blessings

because, while they hardly ever get mentioned,

they are as air to the clouds

essential though unseen

I am thankful for the recognition that I should be thankful

Gratefulness is the ever giving fruit which

accorded unstintingly

flowers back upon you

time and time again

I am thankful for my family,

For the fact that I have one,

made up, integrated and of the blood,

We are family.

You and


there is a willingness to share and love

Above all,

I am thankful for that.


I wrote those words when I was 26 (currently 40) and obviously had a better (wiser) head on my shoulders.