The First Seen and Heard of 2010

Parkour Motion Reel

Ever since I saw this over at oneplusinfinity, I've been wondering how long it must have taken the artist to draw the sequence and choreograph the opening up those of those gadjillions of flaps. I absolutely love this.

Everything National Geographic

I'm not kidding when I say everything. National Geographic has put every single piece of information it has ever published since 1888 onto a portable 160GB HDD hard drive. This is Nat Geo overload people. Special note to my uncle Francis who has saved every issue for the past 40 years - Uncle Frank, you can burn the warehouse storage unit now. A treasure trove for the National Geographic lover at just $199.95.

Dreams of Flying

Jan Von Holleben, a photographer in Southwest Germany, is responsible for the following fantastical flights of photographic fancy (oh well, the alliteration didn't quite work out but almost). I think these are absolutely enchanting. The series of photographs have been ongoing since 2002 and in order to take them, he enlists the help of local children from his neighborhood. I want the whole series. Heck, I want to be in one!

The Pirates

The Diver

The Astronauts

There's more where these came from here.

High Five Fun

When you think about it, there's very little that needs to be done to put a smile on someone's face. Watch below.