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My son has a passion for string, for thread, for dental floss and for just about anything that can be stretched out and wound around in a trip-me-up fashion. One time, I came into my formal living room to discover that he had taken a carousel of thread and painstakingly gone around every single leg chair, sofa and table appendage in sight. He'd not stopped at one single circuit mind you, but done the whole carousel length's worth of the thread. It was a masterpiece of a web. How he managed to get it so intricate considering that he had to find his own way around in order to continue building, I do not know. Afterwards, he was thoughtful enough to bring me over and show me proudly what he'd accomplished.

That night, I waited until he'd fallen asleep to snip, snip and snip it all away. Though I couldn't bear to expose him to my destruction of his creation, that little episode taught me a valuable lesson: No more thread within his grubby-handed reach. Nevertheless he's quite a resourceful, not to mention observant, little boy. For instance, he noticed I would tie up the legs of whole chickens with cooking twine before putting them into the oven. When next I went to look for the twine, it was gone. At that time, I didn't put two and two together and just assumed I'd misplaced it in my drawers. But a few days after the spool went missing, R struck. On this occasion, I discovered a complicated construct around the toys in his bedroom. It was another spidery beauty with the unfortunate side effect of ruining my cooking twine. As I write, I'm mentally groaning at the nuisance his threading fascination poses for me, since I'm the one who ends up with the unenviable job of unraveling it all. I can imagine how you'll take this as a confirmation of how deficient I must be at child-like play.

Now having caught on to the dearth of string which afflicts our home, he is getting even more creative. The other day he knotted two bathrobe ties together and made a pull to shut his bedroom door. I found out about it after I heard the door close for what seemed like the fifteenth hundred time. There he was, opening and pulling it shut ceaselessly and without tiring. I wonder what he got out of that experiment. Hopefully more than just my earful of door closings. Here are some photos to show you what he did just last week with a metal tape measure he found in yet another kitchen drawer. I was somewhat worried that he'd made that particular discovery because tape measures of this kind can cut with their sharp edges. He was fine though. Happy to show me this latest inventive effort. You think he might go into an engineering or bridge-building career? Perhaps something architecturally oriented? I'll let you tell me what you make of it all. Also, do you have any ideas about what kinds of toys I might purchase for him that do not involve beading nor bracelet making? I'm all ears for your advice.

Oh! Before I go, here are some photos of the flowers I bought this morning and the arrangement I made out of them. As you can see, I'm into building too. I thought it was charming. Not too stiff and just haphazard enough to fit the spirit of this gorgeous spring weather we are enjoying in Houston today . To those of you still under the mantle of winter, may it remind you of what is to come. In all cheerfulness, have a happy Saturday and a fabulous weekend. That wish goes double for Cce and Louise. Thinking of you guys. Milena.


  1. He's a genius, I'm certain. Seriously; I love the way he thinks. As for toys...why not just give him yarn for his birthday? Actually, with his engineer mind, you might do what I did for my nephews one year. I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of PVC piping (maybe 10-15 long pieces), plus joints/connectors. I went home nd cut them into various lengths and then just gave them to them. They were kind of like giant Tinker Toys, and they really loved making things with them in their basement.

    I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog; the feed to your site is still not working for me! Do you create your posts in Word?

  2. Oh thanks for the cheer you're sending my way. That arrangement is just so warm and gorgeous. You're too kind and I'm grinning ear to ear.

    As for your little string architect, I'm so fascinated by this and at a loss for toys I could recommend because I think that toy companies pretty much stay away from manufacturing anything that might be wrapped around a neck. (I'm hoping you don't have any blinds in your house.)

    I'll think on this one but can say that if he likes building without string as well, there are great kits that have marble magnets and little magnetized jack-like things that sort of all link together in these great creations. Wish I could remember what this is called. Check Back to Basic Toys. Hope this helps.

  3. That is FUNNY... wow, he's quite the creative one. And definitely destined to be an engineer or architect or something brilliant.

  4. How clever of little R! Pea, at almost 3, is also into building and constructing. We just bought her a 200-piece set of Kapla building blocks from Amazon and I'm not kidding when I say that they are fun for the entire family! We have spent hours perched over our coffee table building bridges and trains and barns. And this says a lot coming from me, I do not enjoy building. Was never into Legos or Lincoln Logs or any toy of that nature. The blocks are amazingly stable and therefore, the sky is really the limit. I imagine a little guy like R would just love them. But clean-up is not so much fun. Ahh, the price we pay to play...

  5. What a clever little boy. Our oldest has always been one to build things...he could make a track that most engineers would be jealous of. ;) Now as he has gotten older...he loves legos...anything he can build...he's only 6 and can do most things 10 year olds can do (I'm bragging...but I'm his mom and I'm allowed!) :)

    I loved the advice above about the PVC pipes and connectors! Great idea!! I think I have a $20.00 Home Depot gift card in my wallet!

    Gorgeous flowers...and they scream warmth and sunshine! Love it.

  6. what a mind! he is just a brilliant guy!

    goodness... i am trying to think of something that might be a good outlet. Back to Basics is great... they have some good classics. i am a big fan of Tinker Toys... the real wood kind... the possibilities are endless there.

    fun flowers... nothing beats fresh flowers!

  7. hi milena.
    looks like you have a little spiderman!
    i bet an art project that would interest him would be something with little nails hammered onto a wooden square in a basic shape.
    with thread, he can twirl, wind and knot his own design around the nails.
    you know what i am talking about?
    when he is done, he can cut it out himself and try other designs.

  8. All the other kids are playing spiderman with a flick of the wrist - your son is actually constructing the webs. When they are adults, all the other kids will be wishing for lucky lottery tickets - your son will actually be building businesses. that should make you smile.

  9. Half Past Kissing: Thanks. I like to think the little guy is bright because he is my own and all and SERIOUSLY, what mother doesn't secretly harbor the wish that their child be a Galileo, a Da Vinci and an Einstein all rolled into one? Nevertheless, to hear you utter the word 'genius' with regards to my kid is just making me smile from ear to ear. He'll either be labeled that in later life or an eccentric. Here's to hoping he's called both.

    I have to tell you, I set up that feed ages ago and have never checked whether anyone even subscribes to it. I'll have to go and verify why it is not working. Sorry about that and no, I create my posts right on blogger. A bit frustrating that is. I've never been able to copy and paste what I write on WP and bring it over. I thought it could not be done.

    The PVC idea is sheer genius. I love the yarn thought even better. At least it should be easier to snip off of everything since it is thick and all. I'll tell you how it goes. How's the book coming? Did you get my little something in the mail?

    Cce: Don't even mention Back to Basics Toys. That place is a pit that sucks my money. I buy more stuff for myself there than I do for the kid. Yes, I see what you mean about the string hazard. He's tried tampering with the blinds but I've worked out a deal with him (too long to explain here) and he no longer touches them. Thank God. Yes, it is fascinating to watch him consider his threading strategy sometimes but, he gets a conniption if I interfere or try to guide him in any way. When R is at work, no interruptions are allowed.

    Glad you liked your flowers. Pleased they cheered you up.

    Mamabird: From your keyboard straight to God's ears. One can only hope he'll have a profession I can squeeze the juice out of in the bragging department.

    Melissa: I'd heard of Kapla. Can you believe that Toys R Us does not carry them? The hubby is in New York for business and will look for them at FAO Schwartz. I'm sold. R is also pretty good about cleaning up after himself after the toy playing. I can only hope he will find every one of those two hundred lovely pieces you've done me in for.

    Amy: Brag all you wish. It is a mother's inalienable right. I have my own repertoire but I was so delighted to hear that your son likes Legos. I adored them as a child and would beg new kits with all the fervor of my Lego-loving heart. R loves it too. He makes little constructs and can now put much smaller pieces together in really interesting ways. I think Legos are superb toys. Go spend it. That PVC pipe idea HPKT gave us is going to take off like wildfire, I just know it.

    Carissa: like you, I am a fan of wooden toys vs. plastic ones. Thanks for telling me my son is brilliant. I'll agree to this much so as not to sound immodest -the kid is a bit of bright bulb.

    Chesca: Simply brilliant suggestion. I am hammering nails as I speak and of course I know exactly what you are talking about. You clever girl you. I'll send photos ASAP. By the way, have you noticed how you are on top of Ron?

    Ron: Hey! You are under Chesca! And yes, the thought of the future you paint does make me smile. I'll be ecstatic though if that lucrative business he comes up with gives him the wherewithal to buy his mommy that house she wants in Provence. Let me give the kid more thread. Have to nurture the little tycoon. ;-)

  10. I have one of those naughty little genius children who will tie any thing tie-able. Every ribbon, string, scarf, and yes, my kitchen string as well.

    What about the lacing cards? Are you familiar with them? heres a link, I have no idea if it will work, I'll email it to you as well!


    It's under sewing and knitting, I know I know so not macho, but it's where you find the lacing cards, lacing boxes etc.


  11. I love the idea of the string & nails toys!
    Here's a site that explains how:



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