So the husband and the kid are watching The Deep, that would be the 1977 movie with Jacqueline Bisset and Nick Nolte. Remember the famous wet t-shirt scene? Quite frankly, it's a racy film for a not quite there yet four year old, but M. wants to watch it and so he adlibs the action into G-rated fare for R's benefit.

Jacqui's character is now lying on the bed looking all golden and beautiful. She has the air of a woman who wants to be kissed. Nolte is a yummylicious God, all shirtless and leaning over her. He looks like he's going to oblige...

R: What are they doing?

M: He's looking at her nose hairs.

R: Oohhh...

From the tone of R's voice, I could tell of course that this explanation made perfect sense.


  1. Brillante!!!! My congrats to the ever creative husband who answers matter of factly with the truth. Ale

  2. That's a cute and funny story. Reminds me of all the crazy things my mom used to tell me to cover up grown-up stuff!

  3. Ale, the hubby is nothing if not a master of literal, yet another reason why he makes such a good lawyer.

    Flutter: Ain't he smart?

    Melissa: Like what? I need some help here.

    Thomas: Indeed. I, myself am about a thousand times slower.

  4. That's the funniest thing I've read in a while.

    Thank you!

  5. I can just picture him saying that with this perfectly serious look on his face, and then looking up at you with a twinkle in his eye!

  6. Chesca: it was funnier in person.

    Sarah: Glad it made you laugh.

    Suzanne: Knowing him in person I'm sure you can.

  7. Chesca,
    I'm not sure that anything can be too funny but then again, I have been known to laugh at inappropriate times.

    This suggests a whole new channel - one with movies being shown while quick thinking parents gloss over the real dramatic tension. "He's just trying to get his gum back from her," or, "he's just holding her down so that she doesn't hurt herself during her seizure."

  8. Why Ron, I see you're not a novice to this adlibing either. Of course, you've had a longer time to practice than we have. I shall appropriate the seizure explanation. As my friend Ale said: Brillante!

  9. oh ron, put a sock in it.

  10. This is great! It reminded me of all the movies we sat through with my daughter and all the quick answers we came up with! We ended up with an incredibly funny, great daughter who is an English major, working on her MBA! When she was 8 or 9 she would beg us to let her watch To Kill a Mockingbird over and over and over.....

  11. Michel! Did you really? What progressive parents you and your wife must have been. I hope with everything in me that my son might grow up to emulate your daughter. Putting to Kill a Mockingbird on my netflix queue as I write. Do you think four is too young? ;-)

    Ron, Chesca: I love it that you guys make me feel like Cce here in my blog. Reminds me of the good old days when whole conversations would roll along in her commentary sections. That used to be so much fun...


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