Snippets for this Leaping Thought Wednesday

The lawyerly approach:

R was crying because his father was trying to put his swim shorts on.

Babi no!

-Why not?

Piscina (pool) is dirty!!

Very matter of fact, his father replied:
-We are not going to our own piscina R. We're going to someone else's piscina. That piscina is clean. Always remember to get your facts straight straight before you decide to cry janum.

I heard a pause, one last sniff, then R said - Ok Babi. And just like that, The kid stopped crying.

Note to self: Remember to confound the kid with logic next time. It works!

The reasonable approach:

R was upset because one section of his scrambled egg looked like a crocodile.

Mami take it away!


It's a crocodile. It eat me!!

Very matter of factly, I replied:
-It is not a crocodile R, it is a bit of scrambled egg. Now eat the egg because eggs do not eat you. It is YOU who eats the EGG. Always remember to look twice before you start saying eggs are crocodiles janum.

R paused, looked at his egg again, screamed, then started crying in earnest.

Truth to self: It actually did look like a crocodile. Gotta hand it to the kid. He's got sharp eyes.

Question for Babi: How come the trick never works when I try it?

On the return of normalcy...

Our electricity came back last Wednesday evening. It was the 12th day since Ike had passed through Houston. We jumped around like crazies before our dignity overcame us.

I swore right then and there that I would never take my electricity for granted ever again but, it is only one week later and I already have.

Note to self: Some promises are easier kept when not made.

On Choices to be made...

So, Sarah Palin... Madre de Dios y todo los Santos! A qué está llegando este mundo que una mujer tal puede aspirar a la Vice-Presidencia de este país? Translation: Should the lady and her partner win, I'll move to up Svalbard and brave the polar bears.

Note to self: It will be better to freeze with the seeds than see another Bush-like term.

Note to self 2: There might be dissenting commenters. Let their comments stand (unless impolite or incoherent). I believe in the democratic values of my blog.


100th Post!

Granted, for it being a landmark moment in my self-blogging history, this is not much of a post. More of a mashup really but, I'd only just begun to recover from the ordeal of everything Ike related when my little boy fell ill. It has been a hard three weeks here in Houston land.

Note to self: Remember to not whine. It is unbecoming.


Tell me you don't wish you could do this...

Note to self: Walk away from the yo-yo Milena. You'll only break something...


Something hauntingly lovely for you to listen to:

Philip Glass Metamorphosis #2 performed by Branca Parlic

Question: In what award winning movie what this composition by Glass used? A gift for whomever names the film first as a commemoration of my blog anniversary.


Image poetry. Days with my father by Phillip Toledano.

Worth a look. It is quite moving and very beautiful. Listen to the Glass piece as you look at the images.

If there is a soul, it is a mistake to believe that it is given to us fully created. It is created here, throughout a whole life. And living is nothing else but that long and painful bringing forth. Albert Camus


  1. I'm pretty sure that Philip Glass piece was in "The Illusionist" (with Edward Norton in a restrained, introspective performance that I enjoyed immensely). Film music is one of my passions.

    I laughed right out loud reading about the crocodile-shaped egg situation -- what an imaginative kiddo. When I was his age I thought our Mixmaster was a wild duck that wanted to chase and eat me, and I swore that I saw a hideous "ogre" in our back screen door.

    Oh, but you MUST lose your dignity for short periods, with regularity! Keep it up, Milena! So glad your life is getting less wild and woolly. Relatively speaking. Be well, all of you.

  2. Ah, but you did not change the fact of the eggs looking like a croc. Your husband did change the fact of the dirty pool. Now had your re-arranged the eggs to look like, say, an edible chicken.
    And really, Milena, what is a blog but "note to self." When you write like you do, of course, these notes are never quite so self contained, though.

    Happy 100th post. You've told some wonderful stories and done some great writing in the process. Thanks

  3. OMGosh, Milena! I am in my kitchen, at desk, otherwise surrounded by about 25 (maybe 9 in reality) teenagers who have just finished making 36 boxes of pudding (and doing the dishes), listening to music, eating pizza, blowing up about 100 balloons, and having a shaving cream fight (all as I sit here). I don't know if that music is going to put a dent in my stress level right now, but I'm giving it a shot!! Thank Heaven "Spirit Day" is a single-day event! :)

  4. Listening to that piano piece inspired me to watch The Illusionist last night, and although that movie WAS scored by Glass, I don't think Met. #2 was used in it.

    I think (she says hesitantly) I know which film it was, but I've already used my shot, so I'm gonna bow out. Looking forward to hearing the (correct!) answer.

  5. Many happy congrats on your 100th post, I've enjoyed reading them you are a consumate (sp) storyteller. And what a lovely post today's was, I enjoyed every varied part of it!!!

  6. Happy hundredth post!! So pleased that things are returning to a more normal state in your part of the world... isn't it is amazing that no matter how much we want to remember how fortunate we are, it is so easy to forget!

    And speaking of forgetting, forget about the lawyerly logic. That is a Dad thing. I don't think Moms can pull that off... xx

  7. Nice piano piece, congrats on the milestone.

    Is it in "The Hours"?
    The Meryl Streep movie...

  8. Congratulations on post #100!

    Our power goes off regularly, but seldom for more than a day or two. My Mom and Dad always have a little celebration when it comes back, but I just Bah-Humbug. I like it quiet. :)

  9. hi miles,
    happy 100th and
    more power to you (no pun intended).

  10. Happy 100th post!

    That Toledano is absolutely beautiful.

    I loved the eclectic nature of this post -- much more fun to read than the overly-serious typical commemorative post!

  11. Congratulations on your 100th post. You have given me quite a bit to process. I enjoy it here. I am sure I will be back.

  12. I don't know where I'll go or what I'll do if she gets into the White House.

  13. HELLO M!! Long time no reading, glad I could catch your 100th post, wonderful news along with your power coming back on.

    I am in complete agreement about Sarah Palin, she is the root of all evil (besides Dick Cheney who is simply the devil). Uhg. I'll run away with you if the worst case scenario happens.

    Come see my new house! I've moved and gotten a wonderful full time job!! I love working again! And my new house is awesome!! Everything from work to daycare and Williams developmental preschool are within a few blocks of my new home. I love Anacortes Washington. Sigh!

    Missed you! MUAH

  14. Happy 100th and love the yo-yo bit! Hey, in July you left a comment on this post and you've won the book if you still want it! :) http://www.frequentlywrongbutneverindoubt.com/2008/07/having-summer-affair.html
    Just email me at mary-frances at widgetinc.com and we can exchange info about mailing it to you! :) (free of course...I'm just a LITTLE slow..ha, ha!)- it's not really a beach read anymore!

  15. Glad I've dropped in on a milestone. Happy 100th and sorry I've missed the last 60 or so...I'm toying with a return but right now I'm content to just read your bits of brilliance. Not sure I have any of my own yet to share. Missed you.

  16. No need to worry about braving the polar bears--if Palin/McCain win, there won't BE anymore polar bears....


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