Leaping Thought Wednesday - Did I say that?

Haven't done one of these in a while so the leapin' might be a little rusty.

On Pet Peeves
You know that book - Chicken Soup for the Soul? I'd be surprised if you didn't considering the gadjillion versions of it floating out there. Well, I'm tired of it. I hate chance encountering that specific grouping of words anywhere in the vicinity of books I might be perusing and furthermore, I have a proposition for the franchise: There are lots of other healthy and wholesome alternatives to chicken soup so why not switch things up a little? How about Tofu for the Soul? or Bulgur Wheat for the Soul? Just a suggestion but somebody really ought to take me up on it. Enough of the chicken s_ _ _!

On Truths That Must be Told
For your consideration: What if we shorten the word resolution to something like reso? If you think about it, a truncated version of the word is more in tune with the reality of life.

On Failure
Here's a lesson I try to teach my son everyday: Do not shout to be heard when speaking up guarantees getting listened to. In spite of my efforts, I'm both going deaf and hoarse.

On habits that don't die at all
After 20 plus years, I have again become a book defacer. Why? Because lately I just can't seem to stop myself from scribbling notes in the margins of the books I've been reading. I'm doing it in pen too! If the book is particularly good and note-worthily special though, I go out and buy a second copy which I keep in pristine condition within my public bookshelves.

On Culinary pairings
I think the combination of bananas and salami is a particularly fine one. Prosciutto and bananas come in second but with salami? Food for the Gods. Try it and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm eating some right now as I am writing this post. Do you have any sublime food pairings?

On stuff I find revolting
Speaking of pairings, I cannot abide chocolate and mint. It's like chewing on a piece of chocolate filled with toothpaste. I get chills just thinking about it.

On manners
Sometimes they weigh me down overly much even as I recognize that everywhere, more and more people are divesting themselves of the load.

On motherhood
It's like step aerobics. One moment you're up a step, then next you are down. Repeat.

On lacking good taste
I don't 'get' jazz. I know that is an awful thing to read, most especially if you are a jazz lover yourself (that goes double for you Bev) but try as I might, I've never been able to appreciate the genre beyond the most superficial of levels. I 'dig' madrigals though and far fewer people enjoy those nowadays. So that counts for something. Don't know what precisely but something...

On gardening
I'm a trained plant assassin. Too bad my expertise does not extend to weeds.

On being a carnivore
I'm mostly a meatarian with a dash of vegetarian and fisherian. I'm also a frutarian on the side. And then of course there are the nuts...

On bicycles
Once upon a time there was a little girl who never learned how to ride a bicycle. The end.

On tricycles
I like tricycles. I think they're very retro. Cool looking. More people should ride them.

On cooking
Everyone should be able to master at least one dish in their lifetime. And everyone should own at least one cookbook. Cooking is one of the most pleasurable, life-affirming, satisfaction-giving of pastimes. I really cannot understand how there are people who say they don't like to cook. It's like sex. What's there not to like about it?

On originality
Who am I kidding? I'm a copycat kind of girl.

On tea
Few matters seem as dire after a hot cup of tea.

On making the bed
Hopefully you wash your teeth and your face every morning and it is to be expected that you'd shower at some point during the day. Why not treat making your bed with that same imperative of daily habit? You get out of the bed, you make it. The rest of the day flows great. You get out of the bed, don't make it and the rest of your day is a disaster. Trust me on this.

On smooching at the movie theater when you look like you are 13 years old.
Listen I know I'm antiquated. You won't believe me I know, but I played with barbies until I was 15 or so. And on the basis of that meritorious innocence I can tell you this much: Some parents need to be doing some serious ear boxing. They're children for pity's sake. Everything in its own due time. Now enforce that. You're the parent.

On getting on my soapbox

I feel contrite immediately after.

I think I'll stop here. I can sense more ranting coming along. ;-)


  1. See, this list just adds to the reasons I adore you.

    As for the cooking (re: what's not to like?), can we all agree that some cookbooks have better recipes than others? (Exaggerated wink.) :-)

    How about Risotto For the Soul? I'd buy that book. Or maybe we should write that book?

    Two last things: I don't get jazz either, and reso should totally catch on. I'll work on the Southwest.

  2. When I was in college I got in the habit of taping a 4x6 index card inside the front cover to jot down notes. I still do it- it's a real help when a story has lots of characters to keep track of, and Life prevents reading a book all at once.

  3. What a wonderful way to start my Wednesday! I don't get jazz.. I think there may be lots of us.. I like Gregorian Chants... Once, years ago, my daughter took me to see Arachnaphobia and this couple was killed by said spiders...when the cops came into their house all I could think about was, cripes, what if the cops came into my house, what would they see. Ever since, my bed has been made!!! Love my duvet cover! I won't go on and on with the things I agree on, if I didn't agree on many of your items, I suppose I wouldn't read your glorious blog, unless it would be to scoff or judge..two things I am trying every morning not to do!!! Off to work, keep your fingers crossed that I will be kind!

  4. As a lover of jazz, most especially classic jazz (I confess to be not so much baffled by as just turned off to a lot, but certainly not all, current stuff), it is dismaying to hear people say they don't get it. I would have to ask what you've listened to, because there are many, many kinds, and I'd bet I could play something for you that you'd not only get, but like.

    But, I was raised to listen to (and to some extent, play) just about every kind of music. As a result, I listen to just about everything - pop, R&B, gospel, opera (even Wagner, haha), classical, reggae, madrigals, Greg. chant, C&W, rockabilly, and on and on.

    I forgive you, though, Miles, because you've shown such wonderful taste in every other possible area -- areas I know squat about! It's such fun to have smart, sophisticated friends -- it's a constant education! Be well!

  5. Jennifer: You put a smile on my face all the time. What a sweetheart you are. And yes, some cookbooks ARE better than others. ;-) As for Risotto for the soul, I'm loving it. Count me in as co-author.

    You know what it is, we haven't been educated enough on the subject of jazz. I'm convinced that's the reason. As to Reso, between you and I we've got the country canvassed.

    Thomas: A 4x6 card is not enough. I'm writing treatises on the margins of my books. Every sentence seems to prompt a comment from me that I immortalize as scribbles on nearly every page. I'd need a whole set of index cards. Great idea though! ;-)

    Michel! You are so very kind, thank you. I had to laugh at your reason for making the bed. It reminded me of my mother always saying one had to wear proper underwear just in case one ever had an accident and had to be taken to the hospital. Duvets are great. An easy fix, I agree with you. I kept my fingers crossed, how did it go? And how's your son by the way?

    Bev: Oh Bev, I thought several times about writing the jazz thought precisely because of you. I'm sorry I dismayed you dear. I know how much you love it. And you know what? What you have sent me I have liked very much. So you have played stuff for me that I get as well as enjoy.

    You were raised as one of the most multifaceted people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I learn from you all the time and I knew you'd forgive my jazz faux pas. ;-)

  6. Never learned to ride a bike? Never learned to ride a bike? And here I thought you had been raised with every experience imaginable. It's never too late, you know...

    Bananas and salami. Hm. Maybe I'll try it.


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