A Musical Interlude

I'm absolutely in love with their sound and it has been a while since I've smiled so much or been transported into that place where only good music can take you. If you haven't heard the Kings of Convenience before, then how convenient for you that I'm hellbent on introducing them to you. These songs all come from their album Riot on an Empty Street.

The hushed harmonies and steel strings of the first Kings of Convenience album earned Norway natives Erlend Oye and Eirik Glambek Boe a reputation as a sort of Scandinavian Simon & Garfunkel for the 21st century. They uphold that rap on "homesick," the subtle exquisite track that opens this second album. Yet the pair's artistic palette broadens as it unfolds. Piano and strings play a prominent role on the snappy pop tune "Misread" and the jaunting "Sorry or Please," while the intricately interwoven gutar lines and purring cello of "Cayman Islands" sound straight out of Nick Drake. Best of all is "I'd Rather Dance with You," a light-footed pop gem sung by Oye. Also of note: The Canadian vocalist Feist, a sometime member of Broken Social Scene, adds dreamy backing vocals to "Know-How" and "the Build-Up." From i-tunes Review.

I'd Rather Dance With You


Cayman Islands

My favorite of these three is Know-How. Tell me if you liked one best.


  1. Found you through EntreCard. I am so shocked to see another blogger post about them. I have been a fan for several years now. I actually blogged "I'd Rather Dance" last year sometime. It made all of my bloggers really happy. It's such a fun song.


  2. Thanks for introducing me to their music. "Know How" is my favorite too. They have a great sound :)

  3. Very catchy beat, that first one (my favorite) :)

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  8. I love "I'd Rather Dance With You", but my absolute fav off that album is "Homesick". Talk about a mood cultivator. It's bliss.

  9. I love Cayman Islands best!
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