Just because it interests me

I'm taking a short break from my next Iran post to bring you the following interruptions...

Some great stories from around the newsy web:

1. The sweetest ending you could possibly read about and yet, the story continues to unfold.

2. I wish I could deposit money into everyone of these kid's accounts.

3. An overgrown child with 5 or 6 brains. Not what you think.

4. Should you have 80 million in pocket change, this just might be for you.

Some fantastic interactivity to spice up your day:

1. Hidden Treasures. What a find!

2. Turning the page is sheer magic.

3. If you are truly a newshound, it's all here, in living color.



  1. Wow, great finds! 112, and counting. Imagine.

    I wanted to deposit money for those kids, too.

  2. I loved the story about Allingham, my own mother is 81 years old and currently enjoying a month's stay in Hawaii with her best friend who is 88. I think this generation is turning on its ear the meaning of living life to its fullest.

    BTW, this week I'm giving away a subscription to Budget Travel magazine as a further inspiration to The Grand Tour theme! Stop by and tell me where you want to go on your dream holiday.


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