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Battle of Milkaloo

Where the BBC's Technology Correspondent suffered a near milky defeat.

Sorry if you get an ad first. No way around it.


Wii Fit girl

Below, my condensed version of the article I found on the UK Telegraph

A video clip showing a fit-looking woman exercising in her underwear while she plays the Wii Fit Hoola Hoop game, was recently uploaded to Youtube by her considerate and tactful boyfriend. Apparently when the young lady in question found out what the idiot had done she went ballistic. Here's a direct quote from the offender: "She was furious when she found out," he said, "she called me on the phone screaming her head off and then hung up on me."

Truly buddy, I can't imagine why she'd yell at you and now that she's enjoying her 15 minutes of William Hung fame, she must be thinking the same. Don't know about you people but I smell a Today show booking....

Alas, her video has now spawned a male exercising in his underwear parody.

Personally, I think this guy's got the moves. Something about his yellow-clad bum is so very sizzling.


Star Wars like you've never seen it before

Improvisational brilliance. The force is definitely with him. You know you want to watch...


If Science is your thing

The Royal Society of London offers a £10,000 top prize for popular science writing every year. A book by Mark Lynas titled Six Degrees, has been named the 2008 winner. Apparently, it explains in scientifically plausible, if nightmare inducing detail, how our planet will change for every degree rise in temperature. Enjoy. I'm sure I will since I love all the special effects in doomsday movies so how could I not want to read this?

Here are the other four books that were shortlisted. I know I want them on my nightstand.

Coral: A Pessimist in Paradise by Steve Jones

Gut Feelings by Gerd Gigerenzer

The Sun Kings by Stuart Clark

Why Beauty is Truth by Ian Stewart


From across the pond

I was reading a British blog today when I came upon this term: "clearly pants."
Say what?
I thought. What does that mean?
And because I'm one of those people who is too curious for her own good, I moseyed on over to this fascinating bit of compilatory enlightenment, where I discovered I was definitely onto something groundbreaking. I'm talking brand new, spanking hot from the English streets, parlance.

Direct from the Effingpot site:

Pants: This is quite a new expression - I have no idea where it came from (us neither mister and we were kinda hoping you'd clarify the matter). Anyway, it is now quite trendy to say that something which is total crap is "pants." For instance, you could say the last episode of a TV show was "total pants."

Love it. And now you too can be the first to sound like you know what the pants you're talking about. I know I'm incorporating this slangy gem into my daily speak.

As in: pardon me, but today's post is clearly all pants. What was Milena thinking?

Truly folks, I don't know but I'll quit while I'm behind.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Well it seems you're in a better mood and no, the post wasn't pants, it was quite humorous and interesting and I learned a lot about the Brits today, their milk and their slang expressions. So thanks for that!

  2. Cce: Funnier and better mood yes. Thanks and you're too kind. They're a quirky bunch aren't they? Love the accent, love the expressions, love the houses in Mayfair too but those I can't enjoy as freely. My pleasure.

  3. Half-Past Kissin' TimeJune 17, 2008 at 7:00 PM

    I kinda like the milk concept, but I think I'll wait til they perfect it before rushing out to find some! Gotta go pack!! :)

  4. B: I thought the same. Not a bad idea but I can just see the mess I'd make with this one. Never been much of an expert at pouring stuff.

  5. Hey Gypsy! Thanks for all your comments over the past couple of weeks - I'll be catching up with your news as soon as I have a laundry-free moment. But I just wanted to say, a.) I first heard the term 'pants' in an alternative sitcom called The Young Ones in the 80s, it still makes my lips twitch when I hear it and my 3-year-old loves it, which is the point and b.) what a great photo! L

  6. if i looked that good hula hooping in my underwear, i wouldn't care who the hell posted it.

  7. I have to agree with mama bird.

    My kids would never have cereal if I had to figure out that milk pouring device. Never ever. Love the concept, but the reality of it is clearly pants. ;-) (I'm totally going to start using that expression...)

    Look at all those books. Your brain outpaces mine, for sure.

  8. Louise: I thought you'd never come back. I need my dose of Italian life woman and YOU are hiking somewhere in the English Cotswolds! As soon as a laundry free moment comes up I shall expect to hear from you ;-)

    Really? pants is that OLD and your son uses it all the time? Now I'm feeling terribly passé.

    Thank you. I´ve been switching and switching them. Not happy with any of my newer photos. I´m showing my years and that´s not a good thing.

    Kelcey: You do look that good dear. Truly. Have that husband of yours go ahead and post because (in your case) he absolutely can.

    Jennifer: Absolutely pants. Milk everywhere is pants in my book.

    My books outpace my shelving space. That's a fact. I don't know about my brain outpacing anything though. Mighty slow inside the noggin.

  9. Oh man, I LOVE that Star Wars improvisation clip. I'm a big SW geek and it had me belly laughing. Those guys sure are talented! Thanks for posting that. I'm going to add it my YouTube faves ;)

    Melissa Donovan at Writing Forward

  10. Melissa: I loved this improvisation too. They're fantastic. Have you never watched the show before? Drew Carey hosts.

  11. I loved that Wii video, very cute. About last weeks funk, it seems that we were all in one, there must have been something with the moon...I wrote a similar post on my blog that day, and then found yours and then another on Allison's blog....hope you're feeling better.


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