22 things I half believe in

Venn Diagram

1. That the world will be an environmentally healthier place by the time my son is old enough to understand that he has a role to play in its continued preservation.
2. Someday I will be mother to a second child.
3. I will hold a grandchild's hand in my own.
4. That the fortune teller saw true when she said that I would only live up to my mid-sixties. At 20 something I thought there was so much time still. At 39, I'm getting worried.
5. That I'm monstrously clever.
6. In jinxes.
7. That sadly, empathy dies a a million deaths each day. How else can one explain away the hurt one man is capable of inflicting upon another?
8. That the reason I constantly dream of losing the use of my right hand is, in effect, some cosmic and unexplainable way to prepare me for that eventuality.
9. Greed, in whatever form, is a desire we are all capable of halting. I'm just not good at it. Especially with regards to books and shoes.
10. I measure up to my parents in how well I take care of my own child.
11. That beside toddler speak, I WILL learn another language before I die.
12. That there is always a 50/50 chance no matter that I'm a poster girl for fate. I guess that makes me an oxymoronic believer.
13. That I'm capable of great sacrifice. I'm almost kinda sure I am. Exempting the shoes and books of course.
14. My son will continue to poop in his diapers until he is twenty.
15. I'm good to the core. Never seen it mind you but I know it's there. The good core I mean.
16. That one day, I will meet at least one of you, my blogging friends, in the flesh.
17. That I'm braver than I think myself capable especially, when I'm not being a wimp.
18. My kid is a genius. Your kid is too but mine is a genius genius is all I'm saying.
19. Divine retribution.
20. Either because we make it or because it finds us, there IS a purpose to life.
21. Belief is a battle half-won or lost. Depends on how you look at it.
22. That I know who I am. Most of the time anyway.

Now you tell me something you half believe.

"Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable."
Henry Louis Mencken


  1. A fortune teller told me that I'll strike it rich when I'm 38. With a few years to go, I am 'half' believing it now. :)

  2. ck: Just remember to think of me when it comes true. ;-)

  3. I half believe that I will be able to move to another location in Toronto rather then having to move back home to my parents place broke :)

    I enjoyed reading your list

  4. BB: As we Virgos are believers, not to mention die-hard optimists, I am sure that If you DO indeed end up having to live with your parents, that something good will come out of that turn of events. Take heart.

  5. Wonderful illustration and your post paints multi-color dreams in my mind.

  6. I half-believe that we will find another house we love and will have the winning bid and will move into it within the next couple of months.

    That was 3 things, wasn't it?

    (And I'm sort of fixated on this right now...sorry)

    I like this post. And I'm sure that your boy is a genius genius!

  7. I half believe that I will be happily married to a really wonderful guy.

    That I will live to be 100.

    That I will finally figure out my God-given purpose and accomplish it.

    Great post!

  8. Nilz: I like the idea of inspiring multicolor dreams. Thanks for saying such a nice thing.

    Jennifer: I FULLY believe that you will find another house that you love even more. You can tell me as many things as you half-believe. There are no limits. No fixation. It is just uppermost in your mind.

    He is Jennifer. A genius, genuis. Thanks.

    Suzanne: And so you will Inshallah.

    Look me up if I manage to survive my 60's.

    What makes you think you aren't already?

  9. I half believe that someday our family will be able to go out together without my five year-old running away and without people staring.

  10. I half believe that your son's defense of his doctorate at Oxford will be among their most memorable if only because he barely paused mid-argument as he availed himself of the convenience of his diapers, pointing out that the time saved from actually having to walk away from his work to go to the bathroom is perhaps the biggest single reason that he was able to complete his PhD by age 21.

  11. Gina: I keep my genius kid in one of those barbaric little harnesses I used to think other parents were monsters for using. Barring that, I would suggest bribing him with the thought of dessert. I know it keeps my boys' wiggling but stationary bottom ultimately on the seat. Let them stare. Who cares? Did you notice those last two sentences rhymed?

    Ron: Of ALL the comments you have EVER made to this blog, this last one had to be the all time BEST and, my absolute favorite.

    In my current poopoo martyrdom, I shall take solace in the idea of R. as a Depends clad genius scholar.

  12. Fascinating. Wow.. I have to do some thinking to come up with my own.

  13. I half believe that if I only half believe I'll never make it the whole way. By the way, "Strictly Ballroom" wasn't mentioned in the movies section of your profile. If you haven't seen it, you really should.

  14. Very funny and insightful! The good news is, your son will be done pooping in his pants before Kindergarten (with any luck)! Your right hand, huh? That fascinates me. Are you right handed?

    I believe that you are going to LOVE that cookbook. I also believe that if I don't stop spending so much time at Cre8buzz, my husband is going to hold an Intervention.

  15. Mamabird: You must have a gadjillion. Think away.

    Randall: It has been rectified. Go look at the list. Also, in your half-belief, spoken like a true train buff if I say so.

  16. B: what's this place you mention? Don't know it. And as to the book, I love it, love it, love it. No half measures about it.

  17. I half believe that "what is meant to be will be." Can't tell you how many times I've heard it and I'm just now getting around to kinda thinking it may be as true as overstated.

  18. It is really fun to meet blogger friends, I tell you :p

  19. I'm certain #14 won't be true :) and of course #18 is very true.

  20. i love that list!! i love your blog!! i came here through linkreferral...i couldn't rate it because i filled my daily quota but, i wanted you to know...awesome blog!!

  21. What a great post. I will definitely be making my list once im more awake!


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