Found Wednesday

Unusual time
I know I'm constantly in awe of inventive talent. For me, the quirkier and more unusual, the better. Just look at this clock by Dutch designer Christiaan Postma and tell me it doesn't make it easier to watch time disappear. Literally. From his website, an explanation on how he made his timekeeper.

"The starting point with this project was a personal study about form & time. I put
together more than 150 individual clockworks and made them work together to become one clock. I show the progress of time by letting the numbers be written in words by the clockworks. Reading clockwise, the time being visible through a word and readable by the completeness of the word, 12 words from one to twelve." Clock is 140 by 140 cm.

Storm Troopers never looked this cute before...
Apparently Waihey started it and then the troopers took on a life of their own. Scene montages to delight any Star Wars-loving soul.

Dinner is Served! Photo by Doctor Beef.

If lousy parking makes you want to say *#%&)!
Certain people think they can just park anywhere, anyhow. Now you can tell them how that makes you feel. Vent your anger by serving them with a custom made parking notice that is bound to stop their annoying habits in their parking tracks. Print these babies at home and keep a couple of them in your glove box for ready use. Hope to God that no one breaks your windshield in retaliation. From the folks at (look below)

Things Raul knows about the night
ve featured Heading East on my blog before. Raul Gutierrez, its author, has to be one of my all-time favorite bloggers. He's a fantastic photographer, spotlights other great artists, writes with such simplicity and beauty that days later, I'm left mulling over the images he paints with his words. I think he is simply fabulous and this recent post titled Things I know About the Night, is wonderful not only because of what he wrote but because the responses were a great second act.

Alright then, are you done looking? Cork up the bottle and put it back where you found it for someone else to come along and discover. Next week at this same time, another Found Wednesday.


  1. Hi Gypsy, took a wrong turning somewhere landed here.
    Nice blog and interesting postings.
    Love your custom parking notice...but I guess I'll take a pass over it, as not too keen facing someone with a .45 saying 'go ahead make my day', ha ha.
    Prefer to let out the air from his 4 tires, ha ha.

    Gypsy, please excuse me mentioning this but couldn't help noticing your lovely profile pic, and being someone who has forgotten his age, if you hold a bouquet of a dozen red roses infront of your mirror, you'll see 13.

    You have a nice day and keep well, Lee.

  2. I love the hot chicks site. Quite funny. Ebaumsworld.com does photo shows similar to that.

  3. I love that parking ticket! Ha ha, that made laugh. Also going to check out Heading East because that looks like something I would enjoy a lot ;) Thanks for these leads!

    Melissa Donovan

  4. I love the parking ticket. Too funny!

    And your header is fabulous!! Love your blog.

  5. U.Lee: As far as compliments go, yours was quite charming. Indeed it made me feel like the rose you say I am. Thank you. Glad you liked the blog. Yours is quite interesting too. You have a nice day also.

    John: I know it's crass but I find it so funny. Have to check out the one you recommend. Thank you for stopping by. I thought your own blog was quite inspirational and I'm only sorry I wasn't there to add to your weekly hits. Congratulations on breaking the record.

    Melissa: The muse and I thank you for stopping by. Something tells me that you will simply love Heading East. I'll be seeing you at your place.

    Melanie: Thank you! You think? I designed and made it myself as well as all the other graphics on my site. I still have a couple more of the avatars to go but I'm enjoying making them. I was due for an update. You hadn't seen how it looked before. I went to your site and really enjoyed it too. I'll visit again.


  6. That parking ticket is awesome. I need something like that to hand to people who litter their used cigarettes. Makes. Me. Crazy.

  7. The storm troopers are very cute and way too lifelike...I'd be afraid to have them in the house.

  8. BTW, here is the link


    The series is called "hot girls with *ss hats" over on Ebaumsworld.com

  9. I liked the storm troopers. Boy, they sure enjoy their potatoes and gravy!

    I always wondered what the body armor was for, since it was absolutely useless against the only weapon they faced: lasers. (Maybe I'm over-thinking it.)

  10. Half-Past Kissin' TimeJuly 16, 2008 at 10:18 AM

    Loved the potatoes and gravy, plus the parking ticket. I need one for people who park in Handicapped spots when their only handicap is a mental one!

    P.S. Wow. Adele IS good!

  11. Love the storm troopers nad the parking ticket!

    Thanks for the comments on my blog! I have you bookmarked now too! :)


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