Postcard from St. Lucia

As I look out over the turquoise tinted waters, their ageless flow interrupted by the blondish heads of a tribe of European tourists, I think about the people who can afford to make their annual pilgrimages to some tropical paradise, the kind of place which the local inheritors of said geographic real estate gold hardly ever get to enjoy themselves; too busy as they are in keeping up with the needs of the invaders.

These past four days I have thought of myself as one, an invader. That doesn't mean that I haven't been enjoying my touristic colonization inmensely, hedonistically even. Wouldn't you? I mean look at this place!

Dock at Windjammers, St. Lucia

I find it difficult to move even a foot, such is the lethargy brought on by the existence of a conveniently lifted flag that signifies my desire for something, anything, whatever might grip my fancy. And there has been a lot of fanciful gripping since we arrived here. I have progressed from a mentality of offering to one of dedicated taking.

Yes, I will have that tropical mango slush with a splash of local rum.

Absolutely! I'd love a cold hand towel with which to moisten my sun-burnt brow.

Oh yes please, I should like nothing better than a pedicure/manicure while I tan myself dark enough that upon my return to Houston, friends might comment with envy at the goldenness which can only be achieved by prolonged exposure to some Caribbean sun.

I don't mean to sound so... is the proper phrase for it world-weary jaded? I realize I might come across as one and yet I don't really mean it, what a sham I am. Truly. Because I am so incredibly cognizant of my luck in being here; of having the time and more importantly, the disposition to enjoy. If you could sum me up neatly then this is an apt way of describing me - I am always grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy and I hope this is a quality I shall never lose.

From here in paradise I send you some sun, warmth and happy thoughts of slushy mango crushes. In the meantime I'll just enjoy one for you.

Much love from St. Lucia,


  1. You probably mean warm, slushy thoughts by now, right? :) I'm glad you're enjoying all the beauty and warmth St. Lucia has to offer....

  2. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! And, have a wonderful Thanksgiving -

  3. Hmmm… I would have thought the time to escape Houston would be summer, not winter. :)

    I'm glad you're having a good time. I'm sure you're family is creating some wonderful memories together.

  4. Inspired by your tale, I put up a flag over my chair. I've yet to have anyone inquire about what kind of drink of pampering I'd like here in my living room. Maybe my flag is broken.

  5. For me, there's always a small piece of guilt lying around in my heart when I'm enjoying myself. This just shouldn't be. I'm looking forward to visiting one day. One of my clients absolutely love the place! :-)

  6. B: I did. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you.

    Nona: Thank you! I hope that in your Italian quarter of the world so did you. Kisses and hugs for you.

    Thomas: We did. I suppose you could say we bonded and connected for a whole year's worth of memories or, at least until the next vacation.

    Kelcey: You had your chance in Italy already girl. I was green around the gills reading all about it then. ;-)

    Ron: Let me send you my flag. I think it has special powers. Works quite well for me here. Of course, I have to supplement with the whip every once in a while but the point is that the husband works hard for me when I need some pampering. ;-)

    Jacqueline: What a gorgeous name. Listen, I know what you mean about the guilt but I can guarantee one overcomes it quite fast when the times are good. I wonder what that makes me? Hmmm... maybe I should not have confessed to that.


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