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You know, I had no idea that choosing our family holiday cards this year was going to turn into such a dilemma for me. Last year I ordered late so the choice was basically out of my hands, it was either/or. This year I've been good though and now I'm being punished. I've remembered that I had to do the ordering by mid-november in order to get my cards by the second week of december which, is a perfect time to start mailing them out. Don't you think? The problem is that there are too many choices: folded, flat-card, letterpress, thermal print, with photo, without photo, lined envelope, non-lined envelope, you name it.

On top of that, this year, for some reason, I've found a proliferation of websites with just the nicest offerings ranging in prices from the reasonable to the outrageous and I just cannot make up my mind. If you knew me better you'd realize that this is sometimes a malaise I suffer from. For the most part I get through my choices fairly quickly but every once in a while, I get royally stuck.

I've been on the issue of which card to choose for three days now. It's a problem because time is of the essence. For every day I dilly dally, I get set back three days more on the delivery date. At this rate, you'll be getting your holiday card from me in January. My husband would say of course that this is a typical woman thing and men don't have these kinds of problems - quick! Think of an obnoxious male voice as your read this - I have real problems to think about honey, they all look the same to me (that is NOT what I am asking!!!) and you are just throwing money away if you ask me (was I asking him this people?), they'll all end up in the trash anyway (subtext: be a doll and don't bother me with this, will ya?).

Be that as it may, I - WANT - MY - HOLIDAY - CARDS. Could you please be nicer than my husband and help me choose? These are the three finalists:

I've placed a poll at the top right corner of this blog so you can give me your opinion.

Should you want to check out some stationary and holiday card websites yourself, here are some good places to go to:


Update: Thanks for voting. I've closed the poll and ended up choosing the red card with the oriental motifs. I appreciate your help and all the new great card website recommendations.


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