The things I do

It's late afternoon and besides a Chinese noodle soup I made from scratch and a home that, on the surface, does not appear to be falling apart at the seams, I really don't have much of anything tangible to show for it. I've been in this place many times before. Almost every day in fact since I became a mommy.
Ask me around 7pm what I've done during the day and I will draw an initial blank 99% of the times even though, I've spent all of the hours prior to that since 6:00 am (and yes, I do wake up everyday at this time) running around.
Breakfast and lunch for my husband to go, ironing of clothes for the kiddie, make bed, pick up things, clean off furniture, plump cushions, fluff pillows, return items to their correct places, sort clothes for washing, fold dry clothes, wake and bathe my son, get him dressed and ready for school, fix his school lunch, write his name on diapers, drop him off at school, back in the car, start my errands: dry cleaners, bank, return books at the library, grocery shop. Then go home, unload, put groceries away, start dinner, leave something cooking, go pick up my son, take him to the park, wrestle him out of there, stop by the library, get more books which later have to be returned, come home and play with him, give him a bath, sit him in front of the TV so I can finish cooking. The husband arrives, showers quickly, we corral the kid, drag him to the table, we try to eat dinner together, try to get our son to eat, no luck, the kid's trying for his best impersonation of a fakir living on air. Defeated, I pick up the table, the husband washes the dishes, now for the evening potty-training torture, no luck, no pee, no poo, diaper on, pick up toys, play some more, pick up toys again, try the eating thing again, he's determined to exist on nothing, give up. Put kiddie to sleep, shutting of eyes, not to mention mouth, seems beyond him. It's 9pm or whereabouts, finally he's out cold. Now for the dreaded question - you know it - what did you do today? my husband asks.
Nothing much hon. A lot, as you well know. Same as yesterday. Wish there was something new to tell you.
How about you? I ask back. Same as yesterday, documents and reams of more documents, I'm so tired. Don't want to go to work tomorrow.
Well, that makes two of us. We watch a movie together. He resists going to sleep (just like his son), I'm barely keeping my eyes open as I finish this blog entry, my unplanned and terrible effort at emulating Tim O'Brien. To bed with me. The hubby is already there, a sleepy kiss goodnight. A sleepy I Love you from me, a drunken sounding I love you back from him. Lights out till 6:00am and repeat.

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