Veni, audivi, locuti / I came, I heard, I spoke

I get this often from family members while in the midst of an attempted conversation - you're interrupting me! -

It's funny really that I never look upon my additional two cents worth as an interruption. If anything, I'm the one who is being interrupted when I obviously have something of importance to say - else I'd not be opening my mouth.

What I truly do - and this I admit freely - is talk over others. This can, upon occasion, be misconstrued as an interruption but, to be purely technical and, in the spirit of hair splitting, what I am doing is not interrupting per say, but adding. You could also call it building upon or even aggregating. Should you have a musical bent, you could look at it this way, my bit is like another chord in the existing harmony. If you are in a cooking frame of mind, look upon it as another ingredient going into the simmering pot. Are you getting my drift? Catching the gist? Comprendes?

Strictly speaking, it is never my intention to interrupt therefore, cut me some slack. You do it too. You are from the same progeny/family/ culture/sister-culture as mine and you do the EXACT SAME THING to me. We ALL speak over each other. Would we be us if it were otherwise? Have you ever known it to be any different? Live with it! Go ahead, fight for your space of the verbal territory, get a word in! edgewise or else...

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