Leaping Thought Wednesdays

I've decided I quite like the exercise of letting my mind wander out loud. I got so many nice mails after I posted 40 bits and some confessions that from now on (until I get tired of it) I will try to do something similar every Wednesday. There's a thread linking one point to the next no matter if it is not (even to me) outwardly obvious.

Presenting then,

1. I dislike the fashion of wearing chipped nail polish. It gives me an impression of general body disarray (even though the rest of a person might look neat enough) that seems very trollop-like. Nail polish remover can be bought for as cheap as 99 cents a bottle. If you had money to buy the nail polish then you can certainly afford buying remover too. Unless you are going for the trollop-y look. In which case just ignore me. They're your hands after all.

2. My home is in tatters. After a couple of weeks of intense entertaining, I just have no energy for putting to rights the increasing mess my little boy makes by leaving trails of crumbs, toys and unidentifiable somethings everywhere. Tomorrow I will clean. Feel a bit like Scarlett saying that- no matter what the tone, she did not believe in that tomorrow either.

3. Earlier today I went out to our garden with my son to scatter breadcrumbs for the birds. This is the first time we've done this and I just could not resist his request to share his bread. Lord knows where he got the idea to feed the pallallitos (that's pajaritos) as he calls them but now that he's becoming more articulate, he often surprises me by saying things that demonstrate an inclination towards generosity. Not one to refuse him exercising such nobility of spirit, I hurried him outside and together we blanketed a large swath of grass with nearly half a loaf of bread. I cannot convey to you how lovely he looked throwing that bread everywhere his little hands could fling it to. Pa-lla-lli-to comer? (little bird eat?) Yes love, the little birds will eat. Unfortunately, the gluttony squirrels got to most of it first. The kid was beside himself with anxiety. Don't have a water gun, but I'm thinking I'm gonna go and get me one of those.

4. This morning while my son and I snuggled tightly together in bed, we heard an unseen plane cut through the airspace over our home. With serious eyes, my little boy looked at me and whispered abuelita. I knew what he was saying - mhhmm I replied, grandma is getting on a plane tomorrow and she will be leaving us to go back home. Abuelita he said again and resolving to do something in that little head of his, he next scampered down from my bed, went to her room, threw open the door and yelled at the top of his lungs - Abueliiiiiii-taaaaaa, waaaake uuuup! No time to lose it seems.

5. I just do not know what I'm going to do once my mother is gone again. I always feel like this after she goes back home. Abandoned, orphaned. I'll be in the suds for the next couple of days. Count on it. The husband has called me three times this morning. HE who can go by the whole day utterly lost in his work to the degree that unless I call him myself he also forgets ME, knows I'll need some hand-holding in the days to come. How sweet is that?

6. I still can't get over the music to the movie Once. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. The kinds of melodies that stick in your head in a nice way if you know what I mean. The kind that flow from your insides to your lips and next thing you know you're humming them because there's no way you cannot hum them. Totally different feeling from when some horrid tune just parks its sorry existence between your ears and nothing makes it go away.

7. John Edwards is dropping out of the race. Now why, for pity's sake, did people not see what a great candidate he was? I knew his campaign was totally gasping for air and everything in me that rouses for the underdog, grabbed for the oxygen tank. Too late. Elizabeth, I like your husband. John, I would have voted for you had I been a US citizen. Now to decide between Barack and Hillary. Who do I give my uncounted vote to?

8. I just was not meant to exercise. I've signed up for a gym and as I was putting my name on the dotted line on that 300 page corset-like contract, I knew how the story was going to end. My excuses for not going are flowing fast and furious. Galvanize me into action someone... please... I'm not getting any younger and this body of mine is starting to feel like a droopy object born of Salvador Dali's paintbrush.

Photo by M Domondon

9. I must go, I'm trying my hand at cooking a new chicken recipe for dinner this evening. Hopefully, everything will turn out alright but I have to get going or there will be nothing to sit down to. I'll try not to cry into my wine tonight nor crush my mother in my effort to squeeze her into me before she manages to leave tomorrow. I've always loved my mother but until I had my son, I'd never appreciated her as she truly deserved. Safe trip home mami. The grandchild and I will miss you more than anything.


  1. I've written a thank you and an acknowledgement of your terrific blog in my today's post at:


    P.S. I know just how you feel about missing your mom!

  2. Hi, there. I agree on you that we never appreciate our mother as she truly deserved, until we have kids. :') We keep exploring life, don't we?

  3. My stepmother passed away while I was pregnant with my daughter. I wish I could tell her I get it now and that I love her so much.

  4. Thank you for your most kind comments on my blog. My heart smiles when I read of the love you are sharing in the circle. You do know how lucky you are. Your son is a beautiful child, and I enjoy so much, the quotes of his words that you interject in your writings. "From the mouths of babes..." Your blog is a true delight. Keep inspiring, you are a missionary to the world as well.

  5. Animo!!!! I totally second the comments and thoughs written before me. Your familiy lives in an abundance of love and this splis over in your writing, your sense of humor and your creativity. The joy and fun is visible. Y si, sometimes saying goodbye is hard and you're sad for a few days or weeks. Chin up, young person. Besos de quien te quiere mucho, Ale dC

  6. You are a beautiful writer. I just got the time to read some of your blog and caught your comment about the movie Once. I just saw it myself last night and totally agree, beautiful haunting melodies that stick with you. I hope to get the soundtrack soon. I will continue to read more of your blog. You left some comments on mine about chocolate and of course they -your comments- were well written. Thanks for the information.


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