Leaping Thought Wednesday

It's Wednesday, you know what that means - more bits and pieces of what's inside me.

1. I love sandwiches. In Spanish, we call them emparedados. This is how you pronounce it: em- (like your auntie Em) pa- (as in your father if you were from the rural south) re- (as in do re mi) da- (as in your rural Scottish father) do- (did I say do re mi already?) You got that? Em is related to your pa then she sang a song, went to Scotland where she do si do'ed. I thought I'd give you a little mnemonic help there.

2. Now I'm no etymologist, but this girl (though she might not conform to what we imagine an etymologist should look like) SURE is. Watch first and we'll comment later...

Isn't she a riot? Though what I should really be asking is, isn't she riotously funny? I've checked out some of her other videos at her site Hot for Words (the name just cracks me up) and I have to tell you, I keep learning new things. She's a really GOOD teacher, unconventional but good. I discovered Marina (that's her name) a couple of months ago on one of my favorite blogs The Medium which if you don't already know about, you should.

3. I've got no clue what has been going on in my head lately. My brain has gone on an extended vacation. My husband keeps speaking of things he swears to me we've spoken of before and well, I've either got an early onset of some nefarious disease coming on or I'm just more scatterbrained than usual because I can't remember a thing.

4. You didn't know that about me did you? Oh yes... I'm terribly scatterbrained and forgetful. I write most everything down in order to keep myself reasonably on time for things and as organized as possible considering that we are, after all, talking. about. me.

5. My husband is a lawyer. That means his mind is like a death trap. Everything goes in and stays in. He's awful to fight with. Remembers everything in photographic detail. It's almost like there's a mental stenographer inside that head of his. A positively frustrating (to me) particularity of his personality.

6. I lost 6lbs and now I'm stuck. I've plateaued apparently. The scale isn't budging. A lady at my gym was telling me how I need to push my body a tad further, just make it work a bit harder you know, just force it out of its newly reached complacency. I guess that means I have to kill myself because truly, I thought I'd done all those things already and it was soooo hard! I think I'll just plateau for a while.

7. Embarrassing mommy moment: I was at a store the other day and my boy saw an anatomically correct baby doll. Loud enough for those sharing the aisle with us and the rest of the store to hear, he yells:

Mami look! Nip-els! Then he pointed at my chest and yelled again,

Mami, nip-els! Dere it is! Mami nip-els! Mami, nip-els! and off he went into a sing-song-y song about my chest and my nipples.

I acted real cool. Gave a tight little smile to the lady closest to me and just went on about my business. Now that I think of it, real cool would have been if I had joined him in on the song. Maybe next time.

8. Here is a recipe for a sandwich I'm addicted to. In Peru they call it a Triple (pronounced tree-play). Which of course means triple because it has 3 slices of bread and uses three ingredients. That makes sense doesn't it? Pepperidge Farm makes a thinly sliced bread which works divinely well for this emparedado. Get a ripe avocado, a good vine tomato and a couple of hardboiled eggs together. Slice the avocado thinly, same goes for the tomato and the hardboiled egg (this last as thin as possible). Over a slice of bread place the avocado and tomato and as much pepper or salt as you'd enjoy, then add another slice of bread which you can slather with mustard or mayo (whichever you prefer or both) and on top of the second bread slice, the egg. Cover with the last piece of bread. Press down and there you go - heaven. I don't know what it is about the combination of all three but, I warn you that it's addictive. Have been eating a lot of these lately, maybe that's why I've plateaued.

9. I'm going to stop here for the moment. There is something that needs doing and as my Wednesday is almost over, I didn't want to default on my post time-wise. So I'll publish as is today and until next time, be well.


  1. That sandwich sounds divine...I'm so wishing I could still eat wheat. I'm tempted to try the combo on a corn tortilla but that would probably be disgusting. And I'm married to a philosophy major. He has me arguing in circles sometimes like chasing my own tail so I can commiserate with those who are married to attorneys.

  2. Congrats on those six lbs!

    I love sandwiches...actually anything savory. Sandwiches with watercress are my weakness, I love the peppery cruch, and those little leaves are so pretty!

    And then there is the choice of breads to consider...sourdough, ciabatta, rye, baguette, or bagel....oh, my goodness.


  3. I love those little pictures you have at the end of the post. You are so very clever. The sandwich does sound delicious.

    And #7? Priceless...

  4. first off... woo hoo on the 6 pounds! that is awesome! really awesome!
    i have put on some serious lb's since our move... it sure is harder to drop the older we get! it is flat out HARD!

    now... THAT sandwich... move over BLT... there is a new king in town! i want to try that Triple... yum!!

  5. I am so scatter brained too.

    I always start a sentence like, "I'm thinking tomorrow I'll..."


    My husband is like, "what? what? what are you thinking of doing tomorrow?"

    I'm like, "Oh, I don't know. I can't remember what I was saying."

    It. Drives. Him. Mad.

  6. Cce: I promise you that once you have one, you will never go back. It will become a staple in your sandwich diet. Try it on a tortilla. I don't think it will taste bad. Not like it should but not bad either. Philosopher huh? Alright. You beat me. I'll keep my death trap lawyer.

    Suzanne: You are so making me hungry. I adore watercress sandwiches and it is the pepperiness that makes them so good, I agree.

    Melissa: You had to have been there. I was mortified but I carried it off. Thanks, I put them together in photoshop.

    Carissa: Thanks. I felt like cheering for my 6 lbs until the scale seemed to freeze. I saw your photo with the girls. What extra poundage are you talking about woman? You are so slim!

    Mamma Bird: I. can. see. why. that. would. be.

    Thankyou all for stopping by.

  7. I guarantee I'm making those sandwiches by the end of the week.

    The nipples story was hilarious.

  8. Thanks for the kind words Gypsy at Heart! Always love it when other women like my stuff... as I am somewhat controversial.. but I think I've found a fun way to introduce people to etymology!

    Glad you enjoy it! And be sure to stop by and make a word request!

    Take care!

    Marina HotForWords

  9. Hmm. Now I have the chance to sound enlightened and say that Marina is charming and a good teacher. Truth? The way I'm wired (heterosexual male), I kept losing track of her message about halfway through sentences. Great teacher? Maybe - I couldn't tell.
    So, you can't argue with your husband just by saying, "Objection" and appealing to your son (who will be, from a generational perspective, your judge and jury)? I could swear I've seen lawyers silenced that way, but what do I know?

  10. well, i guess there's more than one way to get your message across! i guess in HotsForWords case, she wouldn't really be boring anyone although I'm not sure how many men would be paying attention to the words coming from her mouth. I half expected it all to be a joke at some point! Like, "What is the true definition of oxymoron, I did some research...oh, whatever - who am I kidding? I have no idea what that means!"

  11. Loved the baby doll story. It reminds me of the time my son put on a long string of fake pearls at my mom's house and said, "Wow! It's all the way down to my penis!" My mother, mortified (as all her generation would be, naturally) said sternly, "We don't say that word in this house!" I changed the subject, and on the way home, I explained that Grandma was not mad; she just was raised to be shy about body part talk. Cute.

    Looking forward to trying that sandwich!

  12. My husband also had a mind like a steel trap. Not fair. I am much like you, always forgetting. Especially now with a kid, what happened to my brain??


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