You know how every Valentines I pour my heart out on a card for you? Well here it is. The card I mean. The pouring out comes next.

Dear love: I really don't know what possessed me to address you this way but your private self will have to deal with it. Lately, this blog has been absorbing pieces of me. In this partial repository I speak some of our son, more of myself and hardly any of you. There's a reason for that which you know - your own personal request. Before I continue further, I'll have you know that I am honoring it even as I write. This is not about you, but about us and I want to, for this one time, perhaps not the last time depending on how this goes down, tell of you and me.

Eight years into knowing you, more than six of them loving you, I do not know what our future holds. This envisioning puts me in mind of what Alejandra A. once told me about that couple who were friends of hers and who'd been happily married for years and years. One time, when she asked them what the secret of their marital bliss was, the woman looked at her husband and said: We take it one day at a time and turn that day into another. When I first heard A.A. tell this story, I remember that I didn't even know you but I perked my ears because all girls with dreams of happily ever afters listen up when tried and true advice about good marriages is freely handed out. So I listened and afterwards, I was disappointed with what I heard. There was no magical formula there. No deep epiphany to fathom. I wondered, was that it?

As a witness to the longevity of my parent's own marriage, I can tell you many things about what works for them but I'm not, and was never such an ingenue, that I didn't understand how one person's recipe could end up as something completely different in someone else's pot. Still, I thought, there had to be a step process, there had to be a set of directions, a universal something that would tell the heart, my heart, how to go forward when the time for me came.

Well there you have it. That's it. My love letter to you. It has no measurements no outright professing of anything. What you know of what my love is, you have on a daily basis through what I do with you and for you and out of a love that wells up, unstoppable, for you and you alone.

They had it right, those friends of Ale. In five years of marriage, we've taken it one day at a time. Together. Every morning, we've woken up together and every evening we've lain together. This relationship of ours is all about the now, about the moment. I know you know that I love you in each and everyone and from this second into the next. From this day till tomorrow and from that tomorrow into another.

Happy every day jan.

Your loving every second of her life with you,



  1. Tag you are it! visit me and learn what all the excitement is about. By the way gorgeous photo...and if you don't mind my saying your hubby is a hottie. (Don't worry mine is too,a nd we are very happy).

  2. You two would make a beautiful couple even if you didn't look so delightedly content with each other. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. You are a gorgeous couple!!
    And Happy Valentines Day to you too!

  4. Dear Vie Chaotique: I went. This actually sounds like a fun sort of meme. So I just pick up any book I'm reading. Can I cheat and pick up one of the good ones? Lately most of my stuff is picture books... Thanks for the lovely compliment. He is hunky isn't he? I think he is just about the handsomest man. You should see him holding our kid. SEXY doesn't cut it when he's doing the father thing. SEXY. On top of that he is a really wonderful guy. After you it seems, I too won the husband lottery. I've been perusing your shop. You've got some AMAZING things. Are they going to cost me an arm and a leg or just an arm? I could do without one but not the other. Anyway, I'll do the tag. Just give me a day or two.

    Jolene: Nothing can top your own sweetheart story. Thanks for the compliment also. It was a happy valentines and the world is as it should be. Amen to that.

    Ron: We do look delightedly content don't we? I always thought that in this photo I look like the cat who ate the canary. The hubby looks the same as always. He can't photograph badly no matter what. Valentines was made even better by you. You super made my day. The husband was quite impressed at what you wrote about me and he too like what I made. Ah! male admiration. A girl like me loves to bask in it.
    Thanks for leaving a message Ron. I'll visit you later in the day.

  5. OMG what a beautiful pair. And so in love. It shines from both of you. Bless you forever. Perpetual summer.

  6. God bless both of you a very happy valentine's day till this world blast.

    Live life valentine's life...

    Your letter to your hubby is mind blowing and touched to my heart...wait ... I am on the phone...giving wishes to my valentine wife...

    thanx to you for remembering me the best moment of life...



  7. Wow. I don't have words to say how beautifully moving that tribute to your husband is. Wow.

    And yes, he is HANDSOME. You two make an incredibly gorgeous couple.

  8. ......jan, you're a lucky man.

  9. sometimes you just have to do something a little different. good for you!


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