Attention, this is not an emergency, this a test of the Leaping Thought System...

We interrupt this Leaping Thought Wednesday to bring you an important announcement -

My dearest jan:

Some 46 odd years ago, before you were even a glimmer in your mother's eye, your parents married in far away Iran, another country, another culture, a world so distant from that of my own parents that WHO could have possibly foreseen the web of time and place that would have to weave itself together to bring us face to face. I have only one explanation - you were my fate as I was yours.

In all the time we have known each other, there have been repeated occasions when I have expressed my love for you and been cognizant of the kind of destiny that was necessary to bring you into my life. That recognition is never more true than on the days when we celebrate your birthday.

In the circularity of time, somewhere, 45 years ago, your mother is giving birth to the you that was meant just for me. I cannot wait to meet the man you will grow into jan. Happy Birthday my love of loves, my King of Kings, my aziz-e delam. I remain as ever,

Your Milena


  1. Happy Birthday, Milena's jan! :)

  2. as always you have a lovely way with words.... may he live a long life with you by his side.


  3. Pass the tissues, please. You have a true gift with words.

  4. How beautiful! I have often thanked my mother-in-law for not only bringing my hubby into this world, but helping him to become the man that I love.

    On another note, please don't think me rude for not having responded to your awesome offer to meet up in D.C. I didn't know whether to reply back on my blog or yours. I'm only in town for 1 1/2 days (for a baby shower that will take up most of saturday) and haven't even told family that I'm going to be in town. We're leaving first thing sunday morning, so I don't think I will have any free time. Should that change, I will shoot you an email and maybe we could meet up sunday morning. I'm staying in Dupont, I don't know if you'll be nearby...?

  5. Carin dear: Masoud says hello and thank you for your wishes. I will write to you as soon as I can. And no, you were not that hard on me. But it took a while to get the others to warm up if you remember. I wouldn't change a thing though. I met you then and here we are now, so many years later - todavia amigas queridas.

    Gracias Alex. Te quiero.

    Melissa: Thank you. So do you, so do you.

    Robyn: Not to worry. Should you find free time let's try it otherwise don't stress. As you know, I'm still in town for the wedding and most likely will be tied up until Saturday afternoon. That means I might miss you and bear but there will be other opportunities I'm sure. Safe trip and I hope you have a good time here. Milena

  6. Awwww, that's just beautifully sweet. What a strong bond it sounds like you all have. Many Happy Returns, Milena's jan.

  7. Wonderful. What a lucky man he is! L

  8. Wow this is so beautiful.Happy Birthday to your Jan:)Long life together.

    I have a nice tag for you...

  9. How wonderful! Happy birthday!



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