These things I will miss

The silky, silky softness of the palm of your hand and the sweetness of having you place it against my cheek when you want my attention in earnest.

The little hollow in the back of your neck that for some reason always smells uniquely of you and milk.

The giving plumpness of your still baby cheek. I wouldn't stop kissing it ever if things did not have to get done.

The way you say "I duv you mami" because I duv you the same way back my janum san. With everything, I love you. With all that and more. Were I stripped away of all that can be taken, that love would still remain, unaltered, always there, only for you.


  1. This is a moment when all the blog hopping is worth it. How very sweet and beautifully written. A lucky child indeed to have such love.

  2. completely off topic but I just totally wanted to pet your hair

  3. Your heart could not be more full, could it? This explains why you are always so overflowing with love for others. I'm glad for that :)

  4. this is so beautiful it makes me want to either smile or cry or both. btw, I owe you an email...have been out of circulation...coming soon.

  5. Who's B: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. My son R. inspires this and more.

    Flutter: I've already told you what I think of your flattering request via private means....

    B! I would have to have a heart of stone not to love someone like you. It is not that my heart overflows but that it recognizes the like. I'm glad I found you.

    Chesca! Isn't she just? Every time I've remembered her comment in the past few days, it has made me smile.

    Suzanne: Thank you. As always, you say the nicest things to me and I can't tell you how much I appreciate and look forward to them.

  6. Aw - that's so sweet! I sure miss that age. . . my big kids still bring me joy - but there's NOTHING like that (and each) special age!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. Now you are having second thoughts about having sent your toddler off to boarding school after a particularly rough week? Or have I lost track of time and he has already left for college? Or is the confusion I've suffered from birth just getting worse?


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